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  • Premium Cabling RDF
    Conteg premium brand

    A top-quality cabling cabinet designed for data centers, equipment rooms and network or telecommunication closets.

  • Premium Server RSF
    xConteg premium brand

    The best in class server 19" cabinet designed for data centers, equipment rooms and network closets.

  • iSEVEN Ri7
    Conteg i7

    Designed to provide the user with an unmatched combination of price, utility and quality.

  • CoolTop
    Create a cold Isle

    CoolTop represents a family of precision cooling units specifically designed for installation on top of IT racks in server rooms and large data centers.

  • Contained Aisle
    Fixed Solution,

    Fixed Contained Aisle solution is the ideal way to contain rows of racks of same height and width.

  • Modulor Closed Loop
    Modular Closed Loop solution

     For high-density areas to separate cold and hot air that offers energy-savings, IT equipment protection, and optimal space utilization.

  • Modular Solution
    Modular Contained Solution

    Modular Contained Aisle solutions are the ideal way to contain rows of racks of different sizes or when there are gaps between racks.

  • Contained Aisle Frame
    Sliding door

    The door is very important member of this contained aisle solution.  There are two versions – sliding or double- wing doors

  • Wall-Mount PREMIUM

    The Wall-Mount PREMIUM RUN offers an extended level of access to installed equipment  through the front door; thanks to removable and lockable side panels.

  • Outdoor Cabinets
    outTEG II Double Natural

    The  outTEG II Double Natural provides better thermal regulation of installed components through the natural air flow between the walls.

  • iSEVEN RM7
    DiSEVEN (Ri7)

    Designed for users whose space constraints do not allow for the installation of rack series iSEVEN (Ri7) with welded construction. 

  • CoolTeg cooling units
    The side mount solutions

    Ideally suited for use in hot/cold and contained cold aisle deployments and can be used to supplement the existing cooling system.


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