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  • Connection Modules
    CAT6A Modules

    We have partnered with R&M to provide our customers with high quality cables from switzerland

  • Trunk Cables
    High quality FO Modules

    Both sides fitted with MTP24P-male PC connectorConnector color: black.
    Frame color: turquoise.
    Fiber: MM G50/125 (OM3).

  • CAT6 UTP Cable
    Category 6

    Our CAT6 solutions will satisfy your data connection needs both within the data center, or from building to building.

  • CAT 6A SFTP Cable
    Category 6A

    CAT6a cables include plenum, shielded, augmented and outdoor examples to meet the needs of your specific application.

  • Adapter cords
    1P, RMS45-RJ11 (3-4)

    For analog / digital telephones.Connection cable: ribbon, black. Cable: U/UTP.

  • Optical Fibre pathways
    Leeway in planning

    The installation and re-equipping of fiber optic raceway systems have to proceed as smoothly as possible

  • Plastic Cable Managers
    Horizontal cable mangement

    Horizontal 19” patch cord manager for patch cord guidance in the cabinet system.

  • Vertical Cable Manager
    Comes in both plastc and metal

    These high-density cable managers can be used for both vertical as well as horizontal cable guidance in the cabinet.

  • Cat 5e Modules
    RJ45 Connection Modules

     Exceeds the Cat.5e specification (mated) for the entire de-embedded plug range as specified by the

  • 24-PORT Patch Panel
    19" 1U 24-port metal patch pane

    With a capacity for 24 snap-in connection modules shielded/unshielded or FO adapters snap-in frame.

  • Optical Pathways
    Raceway System

    You take the lead in managing fiber optic links while adding benefits for your own operation..

  • 19'' Cable Management
    Metallic, 70 mm metal ring  

    For a neat, horizontal routing of patch cords between patching fields. Fast assembly of metal rings

  • CAT6 Modules
    Real10 Cat.6 channel

    Real10 connection module exceeds the minimum requirements  of the IEEE 802.3an standard on 10GBASE-T performance.

  • CAT6A Modules
    RJ45 Connection Modules  

     Achieves exceptional margins when installed as part of an R&M Cat.6A ISO 4-connector channel or permanent link, exceeding the IEEE 802.3an minimum requirements for 10GBASE-T performance

  • CAT5e RJ45 Connectors
    Field-terminated Cat.5e/RJ45

    Wide range of applications, dependable solid construction,Accepts unshielded (U/UTP) and shielded (S/FTP) cables up to 8 mm in diameter.

  • 19'' Angled Patch Panel
    19" 1U 24-port angled, metal

     19" 1U 24-port angled, metal patch panel, empty, integrated cable tie shelf 24 Cat.6A ISO connection modules, RJ45/s incl. EMC covers.

  • CAT-6 RJ45 Connectors
    Field-terminated Cat.6/RJ45

    Wide range of applications, dependable solid construction,Accepts unshielded (U/UTP) and shielded (S/FTP) cables up to 8 mm in diameter.

  • 1M Patch Cords
    Shielded and unshielded

    Cat.6A ISO allow transmission frequencies of ≥ 650 MHz


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