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Comprehensive portfolio of highquality data racks and accessories including sophisticated cooling, monitoring etc. solutions. Air management for data centers entails all the design and configuration details that go into minimizing or eliminating mixing between the cooling air supplied to equipment and the hot air rejected from the equipment.
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    Westwood Management is a well-established consultancy firm with an international network. Our head office is situated in Nairobi Kenya along Mombasa road. Founded in August 2004, Westwood Management has grown from strength to strength to establish itself as one of the leading companies in the industry. Our main objective and is to provide unsurpassed superior services to customers based on personalised service hence our mission statement “A happy customer for life”.

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What our top three clients have said about us
  • FON has entered into long term service and support contract with Westwood Management, the premier Data Center installation and support company in Kenya to support all existing Service Level Agreements.

    Harry Ochieng, FON
  • The African Milling School (AMS) offers comprehensive and intensive training in the milling industry with a focus on theoretical and practical training. Our Tier1 Data Center will ensure that plants are maintained at high levels leading to plant efficiency and longevity.

    Charles Mugo, Buhuler
  • In our view, there are a few key rules that offer the most protection online for the least amount of effort. They are not all the measures you can take, but they are an excellent start – and they apply equally to business owners and to private individuals.

    Paul Okidi, Guardian Bank
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